Review of Deconstructing Cosmology by Bob Sanders

Phillip Helbig

The Observatory, 137, 1257, 91–93 (April 2017)

This is a book review of Deconstructing Cosmology by Bob Sanders. Most of the book is a summary of the standard model and its successes, with most of its problems put into proper perspective. The title is not meant to be negative, but is meant in the sense of `investigating' or `critically examining'. The standard model (or, rather, simulations based on it) does not readily explain all observed properties of galaxies. Of course, Sanders is a well known proponent of MOND, which disagrees with the standard model in many respects. However, only two of the ten chapters discuss MOND, not only its successes but also its problems. As such, the treatment is balanced, though those more familiar with the standard model---many people do not consider MOND at all---will be confronted with more uncertainty than is usually the case. The book is relatively short, but is not intended to be comprehensive; it is rather a long essay. Although more balanced than most, of course Sanders makes a case for MOND, but a fair one. It is a good introduction to an important topic in modern astrophysics and cosmology, accessible to the `interested layman' but also valuable for those with more advanced knowledge of astrophysics but with less knowledge of MOND.

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